Cheryl’s Show – 006 – Reset Your Life! (Careers)

Continuing our “Reset” series, we approach the topic of careers.  Do you sometimes feel as though you’re in a career rut?  Are you unhappy at work (and maybe a bit of a complainer)??  Well, my opinion is that YOU have the power to change that all up!  Yep – you!  Lets take a look at resetting our careers.

Cheryl’s Show – 005 – Reset Your Life!

The end of the year tends to bring about a fresh attitude and perspective on where we want our lives to grow.  My theory?  Change should be a normal process and evaluating your accomplishments and challenges is par for the “everyday” course.  Lets take a look at possibly the most common resolution – DIET!

Cheryl’s Show – 004 – The Lies, The Lies

Why do people tell lies?  Could it be fear, judgement or some other reason?  On this episode, we’re examining the lies we tell.  As usual, you’ll get a couple of colorful stories and this time I’m joined by good friends Rachel and Elle.  Listen in as Rachel and I share the whoppers we’ve been told and then think about it… what’s the reason behind dishonesty?  Let’s talk about it!