Little Things Mean a Lot – Considerations for Home Sellers

When selling their homes, owners often wonder about improvements that will pay off in the end by increasing value.  In staging, the goal is to work with sellers and Realtors by focusing energy and effort on those improvements that make sense for the home’s market.  Here is my very short list of five things to consider before placing a home on the market (aside from consulting with a staging expert!):

1) Maintain a good first impression.  If you’ve already addressed curb appeal, hold buyer attraction as they walk through the door and into the entry.  Make sure there is something of interest on the entryway walls,  freshen up floor mats, add floral touches and soft lighting.

2) Update fireplace accents – gold or brass could be an unwelcome distraction for the buyer.

3) Refresh chandeliers through new shades, globes, or even spray paint.

4) Add a frame to bathroom mirrors to update the look if replacement is not in the picture.

5)  Clean switch plate covers and replace damaged or distracting ones.

Read on to to see a few other tips from Marcello Becchi at Granite Transformations:

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