On Letting Go….

Over the weekend I said goodbye to my son as he moved on to his transfer years at Biola University. During the build up to the weekend, I was filled with mixed emotions; but they were mostly centered around practical impact of his leaving.

I started thinking about what would I do with his room (of course I’d already made plans to convert it into some space that would be more useful for me). I began realizing that he would no longer be here to help with transporting his 16-year old sister to or from somewhere, nor would he be the adult in the house while I did X,Y, or Z activity. He wouldn’t be here to take out the trash or contribute to other chores that he shared with his sister and me. I thought about those little irritations that would be alleviated by his absence – like reminding him not to put his head on the white chairs; asking that he stop hanging his pull-up bar on the door frame because it caused dents in the wood; or asking him to keep his late-night television noise down while I was tried to Continue reading