Cheryl’s Show – 004 – The Lies, The Lies

Why do people tell lies?  Could it be fear, judgement or some other reason?  On this episode, we’re examining the lies we tell.  As usual, you’ll get a couple of colorful stories and this time I’m joined by good friends Rachel and Elle.  Listen in as Rachel and I share the whoppers we’ve been told and then think about it… what’s the reason behind dishonesty?  Let’s talk about it!



Cheryl’s Show – 001 – Red Flags

This episode is about dating and those red flags that give you a hint that things may not work out with that certain someone. What’s a red flag for you and how many do you need to see before the relationship comes to a stop? Listen, like and share your opinion!

Love Lessons – One

Love LipsI’m one of those single women whose eye gets frequently caught by headlines like: “How To Tell If He’s Into You,” or “Where To Meet Him,” or “Girl, GET YOUR MAN!  (Ok, I made the last one up, but it would’ve gotten my attention!)  I have a few books about love and relationships, subscribe to relationship blogs, receive daily tidbits of info from dating coaches who always have that special offer that is about to expire in 24 hours and will never be offered again at that ridiculously low price!  I’ve read that I shouldn’t call first, it’s ok to call first; never accept a text date, it’s fine to accept the text date; let him chase me, don’t make him chase but offer a challenge – whew!  Sometimes the streams of advice cross one another and other times they meet up.  From Patti, David, Steve, and Marni, to Cosmo, I-Village, and Essence… The list goes on and on.  So, I decided to take a few pages from many sources and put the advice to the test.  A little from here, a little from there – can’t go wrong, right?  First up, online dating Continue reading